Foxelli 21W Portable Folding Solar Panel Review



Foxelli 21W Portable Folding Solar Panel Review

If you’re looking for a portable folding solar panel for hiking, camping, off roading, hunting or any other outdoor adventure, the Foxelli 21W solar panel is my go-to source for powering my small devices while adventuring.

I have their 10W and 21W panels but I’m going to specifically talk about their 21W as I use that one the most. Obviously it has more power capability at being able to charge 21W.

You can charge:

  • Cell phone
  • Battery power bank
  • iPads
  • Radios
  • Rechargeable batteries
  • Small camera batteries

It has three USB ports and you can use them all at the same time if you so desire. This 21W solar panel even has a display on it to show what the input and output is which is really nice to see. Though I will mention that even though mine has the display, I think their newer models do not have the display. That would be a shame, but not a deal breaker, in my opinion. The solar panels will work just as good with or without a display.

These panels really work best when they have direct sunlight. You can definitely use them in cloudy weather, but they just don’t have the type of power and capability to really pull in that much power when it’s cloudy. Direct sun is best, whether it’s angled or directly above; direct sun is best.

If you were to leave it outside and it suddenly started raining, it’s ok, because it won’t ruin the panels. It might ruin your device, but not the panels. Definitely don’t leave your devices out in the rain if the rain will ruin them. But these panels will be perfectly fine.

One of the best ways to use this is to power your battery banks so you can use the battery banks at any time to charge your cell phones or other devices.

This portable solar panel in particular has about 11 loops in various places around the panel so you can attach it to a backpack, tie it to a tree or whatever else. It has a lot of options to keep the panel secure.

It weighs just 1.26lbs so it’s perfect for hiking or backpacking.

I’ve been using this panel for years on various adventures and I can’t say enough good things about it. With direct sunlight it takes a mere few hours for it to fully charge my cell phone or battery pack. I’m always impressed with the efficiency of these small solar panels.

If you’re looking for a portable solar panel for your adventures, check out the Foxelli 21W solar panel at just $59.97.

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