‘Indestructible’ Dyneema Pants, Bamboo Shirt, Rescue Red YETI, and More Emerging Gear

Helinox Large Chair Zero

With its ergonomic, supportive design and durable frame, the Helinox Chair Zero has ranked among our favorite camp chairs for several seasons running. Light enough for backpacking yet comfy enough for campfire hangs, the Chair Zero is often copied by other brands — but never truly duplicated.

Now, Helinox drops a larger version of the Chair Zero ($160). With a broader range of outdoor enthusiasts in mind, the Chair Zero L offers a wider seat and a stronger, slightly more rigid frame. Compared to the 265-pound capacity of the original Chair Zero, the Zero L can support up to 320 pounds. The chair itself weighs just 4 ounces more than the standard version.

Vollebak Indestructible Pants

While the fashionistas are flaunting pre-ripped distressed jeans, Vollebak is busy creating the opposite — Indestructible Pants. According to the brand, these pants can “withstand a 75mph fall and drag on concrete.” On the off chance that you perish in a freak accident at highway speeds, at least your pants might survive.

We’ve tested a variety of Vollebak’s exceptionally durable “apocalypse-ready” apparel, and despite unusual branding and eyebrow-raising pricing, the clothes themselves are quite impressive. In our experience, Vollebak products possess a general aura of quality, and they really do hold up longer than most other clothing. For $795, the Indestructible Pants really should live up to their name.

Made partly from Dyneema, one of the strongest fibers in the world, these pants are only 1mm thick, yet they possess the abrasion resistance of steel (Vollebak claims).

Honey Stinger Reformulated Caffeine Chews

Honey Stinger Reformulated Caffeine Chews

It’s great to be an adult in 2023. Snacking on delicious gummy candy is perfectly socially acceptable — as long as the candy in question is branded as an “energy chew.”

While chews are a joy to eat, they’re also the go-to snack for endurance athletes in need of a quick hit. Honey Stinger — maker of all sorts of endurance fuel snacks — has reformulated its caffeine chews, and the results are available today. Two flavors, Cherry Cola and Stingerita Lime, are back by popular demand. Both flavors offer 50 mg of caffeine per serving — equivalent to a generous pour of green tea.

In addition to caffeine, these chews also contain sodium and potassium — essential electrolytes on a lengthy run or ridge scramble.

"Boxing Buddy" Punching Bag Attachment

Most humans live with a secret desire to engage in hand-to-hand combat with a robot. Now, with the Boxing Buddy, this goal is achievable — all under the guise of “fitness.”

A “smart personal trainer,” the Boxing Buddy fits onto any boxing bag to help you train offense, defense, and footwork. The soft-padded rotating arms simulate opponent strikes at customizable speed, pace, and intensity, all of which are controlled via an app and Bluetooth connection.

Heavy bag training isn’t just for the fighters — even pacifists can enjoy the aerobic fitness, core stability, power, and stamina benefits of going to absolute war with a punching bag. The trouble is, hitting a lifeless bag isn’t all that engaging. With the Boxing Buddy, a solo bag session just might replicate the excitement of stepping into the ring for real. Preorders are available now for $299.

Duck Camp Women's Lightweight Hoody

Duck Camp’s Lightweight Bamboo Women’s Hoodie ($64) is geared toward a broad range of activities, from “sitting in the bow of a boat to enjoying a drink on the patio.” It’s made from 48% viscose, a silk-like fiber made from bamboo pulp. I’ve worn many part-viscose shirts, and I generally find them to feel buttery soft, cool against my skin, and durable.

With UPF 20+ sun protection and an adjustable hood, this hoodie is essentially an activewear sun shirt, with a touch of casual style.

According to a recent study, 14% of Americans live with more than one dog. When it comes time for a group walk, leash entanglement is a guarantee — unless you’ve got the Double Track Dog Lease Coupler from Ruffwear ($35).

This nifty appendage (recently updated) turns a single leash into a multi-dog setup. Simply clip the Double Track to the business end of your existing lease, and then clip the Double Track’s ends to each dog’s respective harness or collar.

Both sides of the Double Track are made of elastic webbing, which absorbs shock and provides a more comfortable walking experience for all parties involved. The Double Track has been around for years, but this new version sports “engineered Wavelength” webbing for improved elastic longevity.

Untapped Maple Bulk Energy "Gel"

Based in Vermont, UnTapped has a noble purpose: to rebrand maple syrup as a source of fuel for athletic endeavors. In a scene increasingly crowded with caffeinated chews and gels, UnTapped’s founders wondered if the perfect energy source for athletes might already exist right under our noses. After all, maple syrup is a naturally low glycemic carbohydrate — exactly what gel and goo brands aim to replicate.

Doubling down on its rebranding, UnTapped releases a 16-serving bulk bottle of its “energy gel.” In other words, this is a jug of maple syrup with a premeasured refillable reservoir. Simply fill the reservoir with golden gooey deliciousness, slurp it down, and keep right on running, biking, or climbing. Numerous flavors are available — some with caffeine, some with electrolytes, and some 100% pure.

YETI in ‘Rescue Red’

YETI this week launched a new color that’s bound to grab attention. “Rescue Red” “pays homage to lifeguards, ski patrollers, and backcountry first responders,” according to the brand. The new color is certainly snazzy! Check it out, available in coolers, wheeled coolers, and bottles now.

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