Wild camping for beginners

I am an outdoorsman and Bee Outdoors is a channel dedicated to share my experiences and knowledge.

This video is a introduction to wild camping for beginners, the first video of a series that I will be making. This video covers the things you should know before taking to your first wild camping adventure, followed by information on gear, skills and setups of different sleep arrangements.
Follow these guides to maximise the success of your first wild camping experience.

Wild camping in most parts of England is illegal but tolerated in some areas.

Rules that should be followed.

Always notify someone where you will be going and for how long.
Be respectful towards land owners and authorities
Always try and get permission
Camp away from public roads and paths
Never camp to close to the bank of a river
Open fires are dangerous so limit the size of your fire
Never leave a fire unattended and make sure to put it out before you leave.
Always carry a medical aid kit
Take your litter home with you (leave no trace)
Know your limits and remember there is no shame in packing up if it gets to rough, there is always another day.

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