If it’s time for a rifle upgrade, look no further than the Mark V Backcountry Ti from Weatherby



If it’s time for a rifle upgrade, look no further than the Mark V Backcountry Ti from Weatherby

In this article, we dive in to the Mark V Backcountry Ti from Weatherby. This rifle isn’t going to be your first rifle, but it very well could be your last given it’s superior craftsmanship.

As you age, you tend to improve your economic situation and seek out some of the finer things in life that you have always dream of. Whether that is hunting property, a new pickup truck, or a head to toe layering system from someone like Kuiu, these investments tend to enhance your outdoor pursuits. One area that we all long to upgrade is our hunting rifle. We often find ourselves buying a reasonably priced rifle that does that job, but may not be the Ferrari of the backcountry.

Well, if budget is not a concern and you truly want swing for the fences when it comes to your deer camp load-out, you should seriously consider the Mark V Backcountry Ti from Weatherby. Weatherby is an aspirational brand and the Mark V Backcountry Ti is an aspirational firearm. With a price tag over $3,000 it certainly won’t be the right fit for everyone, but if you can afford the price tag you are getting a rifle built for accuracy and longevity.

Wetherby is an iconic brand with 75 years of precision rifle experience. As a family business, they take their products and the brand seriously, producing some of the most premium factory built rifles on the market today.

To put this rifle to the test, we took it to New Mexico on a cow elk hunt that proved to be a perfect setting. With blowing winds, snow, and temperatures in the low teens any rifle would have been challenged. Check out our video below to see more from the trip and how this rifle performed in the wild.

Where to buy?

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What type of accuracy does this rifle guarantee?

All Mark V® rifles are guaranteed to shoot a 3-shot group of .99” or less at 100 yards (SUB-MOA) from a cold barrel when used with Weatherby® factory or premium ammunition within Two-Years of Verified Purchase Date to Original Purchaser.

What type of trigger does this rifle have?

The Mark V Backcountry Ti from Weatherby features a Trigger Tech trigger with zero-creep break, extremely short over-travel, and adjustability

What type of action does this rifle have?

The Mark V Backcountry Ti from Weatherby features a bolt action with a 54 degree bolt, which is the shortest in the industry.

What is the stock made of?

The Mark V Backcountry Ti from Weatherby features a proprietary carbon fiber stock.

Is the barrel coated?

Yes, the Mark V Backcountry Ti from Weatherby has a cerekote finish.

What calibers is this rifle available in?

  • 240 Weatherby Mag
  • 257 Weatherby Mag
  • 270 Weatherby Mag
  • 280 Ackley Imp
  • 300 Weatherby Mag
  • 6.5 Creedmoor
  • 6.5 WBY RPM
  • 6.5-300 WBY Mag
  • 7mm Weatherby Mag

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