CAMPING FOR BEGINNERS | What camping looks like in America | How to camp | Shower Toilet |Mammoth CA

Do you like camping? WE DO!
Ever since I moved here in the States, I learned to love nature even more. This country (State of California, to be specific) gives me the freedom to enjoy nature more! I know camping is not made for everybody. A lot of people we know don’t actually enjoy it. They keep saying “Oh, I need to be able to shower”, “I want to use a clean toilet whenever I need to go”, “I can’t stand the cold”, “I’m scared a bear would attack me”, blah blah blah.

Move over, girlfriend! Let me show you how camping really looks like. You don’t have to sacrifice your shower, you don’t have to get so cold, you don’t get attacked by a bear if you clean and put your food where it should be kept.

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You’re welcome (HAHA)

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