Cooking Over a Campfire – Overnight Camping Trip

I spend the night in the cold solitude of Alberta’s northern wilderness in Canada.
I locate my camp in a thick spruce and pine forest to offer protection against distant winds. I spend my time at this camp relaxing and cooking some fantastic meals.
The night was calm and cool with clear skies. The stars and moon provided plenty of light which allowed me to maintain my fire throughout the night. Under my two wool blankets I stayed pleasantly warm and was able to get a well needed night of sleep.
In the morning I cooked up a hearty bacon, egg, and hashbrown dish I call the bushman pancake.
After ensuring my fire was fully extinguished, I packed up my gear and did my best to return the campsite back to the way I found it. Within a week, after a few snowfalls, there will be little evidence I was ever there.

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Trip temperatures:
High (day): -6 degrees Celsius (21.1 Fahrenheit)
Low (night): -11 degrees Celsius (12.2 Fahrenheit)

Where was this filmed?
Alberta, Canada

What camera did I use?
I use an old iPhone 6. No lenses or additional microphones.

Is there dangerous wildlife?
Yes. This area is home to grizzly bears, black bears, mountain lions, wolves, and coyotes.

Do I carry anything to protect myself from these wild animals?
In the warmer months of the year I usually carry bear spray, but in these colder temperatures the spray would freeze. During all of my winter and cold weather trips I do not carry any protection.

Have you ever been attacked by a wild animal while camping?
No. Wild animals are usually very timid towards humans and tend to leave us alone.

What is the sheet I laid on the ground to sleep on?
A gum blanket. It is a canvas sheet that is rubberized on one side to act as a moisture barrier between myself and the ground.

What did my bedroll include?
Two 100% queen size wool blankets (brand unknown), and a foam sleep pad (for insulation between me and the ground).

Did I get cold on this trip?
No. I layered my clothing (wore 4 layers over my upper body, and three layers on my legs), wore warm boots (Sorel 1964 CVS), and kept my fire well stoked.

How did my fire stay going all night?
I woke up 3 times throughout the night to add more wood to the fire.

What Knife was I using?
Helle Sigmund

What hatchet am I using?
A small woods hatchet I purchased from an antique store for 8$. Brand is unknown.

What tarp am I using?
Homemade wax cloth tarp. Measures 6′ x 6′. I will be making a bigger and stronger one soon and I will make a video on the sewing and waxing process.

What cook kit do I use?
The cooking set I use is the Woods Nootka Cook Set.
The frying pan used for my breakfast is an 8″ De Buyer carbon steel pan.

What meals did I cook?
Day 1
Lunch: Steak fajita bites.
Dinner: Fried cajun chicken tenders with fried cajun potato wedges.
Dessert: Crustless apple pie with vanilla snow ice cream.
Day 2
Breakfast: Bushman pancake. (bacon, egg, and shredded hashbrowns)

If you have any other questions that aren’t listed here please feel free to ask in the comments section below and I’ll do my best to respond with an answer.

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