GCI Outdoor MaxRelax Pod Rocker: Review


We’ve been a fan of GCI Outdoor for several years now, and it’s always fun to see their new lineup. We reviewed the Pod Rocker when it came out, and have been toting it around ever since. This year they came out with another version, and it’s called the MaxRelax Pod Rocker. So what’s different?

The main difference is the quilted fabric, and wow is it cozy. It’s like sitting on a thin sleeping bag, and we love it. We’ve been using it all summer, and while it’s a great year-round chair, it’s particularly comfortable on cool fall evenings. There is just enough padding to take the chill off your backside, and for that reason, we’ve been grabbing it more than anything else this time of year.

The other change from the original Pod Rocker is that it uses a closure strap instead of a case. We found this to be more convenient for quick setup, and ended up preferring it. Cases are nice to have, but are they really necessary? Unless you’re hauling it in a truck bed down a dirt road, probably not.

The GCI Outdoor MaxRelax Pod Rocker supports 250 lbs and weighs 11.4 lbs. It folds up the same way that a regular camping chair does, and of course, it has the patented Spring Action Rocking Technology that no other chair can offer. After you rock in a GCI Outdoor chair, it’s hard to go back to a traditional chair. There’s just no comparison.

We’d recommend this chair to just about anyone because it’s so darn comfortable. One thing worth noting is that it’s probably not the best chair for someone who has a hard time standing up. It’s a laid-back lounger with fabric arms, so people who need more support to stand up should consider the Freestyle Rocker or Roadtrip Rocker.

The GCI Outdoor MaxRelax Pod Rocker holds a beverage and your phone, and packs down to 5.5″ x 6.5″, so it’s easy to bring along no matter where you’re headed. The seat height is 20.1″, which we found to be comfortable for tall and short folks alike. If you’re in market for a new camping chair, this one is definitely worth a look.


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