‘Girls Gone Wide’: Watch Female Climbers Tackle Some of America’s Burliest Off-Widths


Released Oct. 20, ‘Girls Gone Wide’ documents three female climbers as they cam, jam, butterfly, and smear their way up some of North America’s hardest off-width routes.

Mary Eden has been climbing for more than 10 years and guiding for at least 6. Better known by her Instagram handle, @tradprincess, the diminutive crusher is renowned for her hard ascents and esteemed climbing clinics, both of which center around off-width cracks in Indian Creek, Utah, and Vendawoo, Wyo.

Filmed using GoPros, a Canon R6, and an iPhone, this 30-minute feature documents Eden, filmmaker and climber Kaya Lindsey, and greenhorn climber Rose Mac as they test their mettle and smack down some granite in the Woo.

They’re joined by a slate of female off-width climbers, including the iconic Mercadi Carlson, Eden’s longtime climbing partner.

“I watched ‘Valley Uprising‘ when I first got into rock climbing, just like everyone else,” said Lindsey upon release of the film.

“The feeling you get watching that movie is that being a climber is a wild, raunchy, hardcore sport. It’s all about stickin’ it to the man and being a free spirit. Which is rad because I 100% agree that it is all those things. But what I didn’t see in that film was the wild, raunchy, hardcore moments that I’ve experienced with female rock climbers.”

For more information on the film, head to DirtbagDreams.com.

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