Review: Christensen Arms Mesa Titanium Ultralight Hunting Rifle



Review: Christensen Arms Mesa Titanium Ultralight Hunting Rifle

Let’s take a look at another great option in the Ultralight hunting rifle market, the Christensen Arms Mesa Titanium Edition.

The rifle market has changed dramatically over the last few decades and if you are still hunting with your dad or granddads old rifle, it may be time to consider an upgrade. While there is nothing wrong with the nostalgia of hunting with a rifle that has been passed down through the ages, the advancements made in both accuracy and materials are considerable. You should also consider the fact that your heirloom rifles do have shelf lives. A 20 year old gun will certainly fire its intended round, but how many times has that rifle been fired over its lifetime and do you know if the barrel was cared for or already shot out before it was handed down to you?

As you come in to your own as a hunter, you will reach a point where you want to start building your own collection to use and some day hand down to the next generation. Hunters of today will be handing down an even broader selection, filled with light weight rifles paired with unique stocks and varied actions. One of the biggest trends of the last many years which will someday carry their own nostalgia are ultralight weight hunting rifles. In my eyes, an ultralight rifle is one that approaches the 6lb mark. As someone who has hunted in both stands and open country, I can say easily that weight is always a top consideration for me when looking at a new rifle.

The rifle we are going to look at is a serious contender in the weight category. The Christensen Arms Mesa Titanium is a very capable rifle, delivering sub MOA accuracy in a package that weighs just 6.1 lbs. How does it accomplish this? It does so by utilizing a titanium receiver which is not only incredibly durable but also extremely light weight.

1. Christensen Arms Mesa Titanium


Christensen Arms Mesa Titanium

Christensen Arms Mesa Titanium

The Christensen Arms Mesa Titanium is an incredibly lightweight and well built entry in to the ultralight hunting rifle market. If you are a hunter, especially one who may cover miles in a day in your pursuit, having an ultralight rifle is an absolute must.

What makes this rifle unique is that Christensen Arms has utilized a titanium receiver, which drastically cuts down on the overall weight of the rifle.

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Pros/Ultralight, well built, Christensen Arms Reliability

Cons/Costly, limited color availablity

Bottom Line/This rifle should be a contender for anyone in the market for a lightweight hunting rifle


416R Stainless Steel
Featherweight Contour
Seamless Radial Brake (Removable)
Threaded Muzzle ½×28 or ⅝x24
Match Chamber
Hand Lapped
Button Rifled
Free Floating


Christensen Arms Carbon Fiber Composite
Sporter Style
Stainless Steel Bedding Pillars
Spot Bedding
Recoil Pad


Christensen Arms Carbon Fiber Composite
Sporter Style
Stainless Steel Bedding Pillars
Spot Bedding
Recoil Pad


Action Finish: Natural Titanium
Stock Finish: Satin Gray Metallic Stock with Black Webbing


6.5 Creedmoor

6.5 PRC

7mm Rem Mag

308 Win

300 Win Mag

300 PRC

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