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Camping 101 for beginners is easy. Learn camping 101 for beginners and build great campfires. Camping 101 for beginners will show how to setup camp, build a nice campfire, cook dinner, and breakfast. The goal on your first camping trip is to be comfortable.

We show you the easy way to enjoy the great outdoors, enjoy a campfire that you build, and sleep comfortably. Camping 101 for beginners will show you the simple way to go camping. It’s very easy to go camping your first time and be successful. Even beginners will enjoy camping like experienced campers.

Camping is a big part of spring, summer, and fall. Follow this camping 101 for beginners video and don’t let fear of failure on your first camp out keep you from camping! Once you master the easy camping essentials, you can introduce even more fun stuff to your camping trip.

If you want to expand your camping horizons, plan some more elaborate campfire meals. I like to grill burgers or cook hobo dinners in the fire. Campfire stews can also be made once you master camping 101 for beginners.

Man with the Knowledge: Jamie Hardy
Editor: John Andrews (the UberonN)
Creator: Mark Davies

Bama Country Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License

Campfire sounds recorded by and courtesy of: the UberonN

Camping 101 for beginners is easy to learn and enjoy. Start camping, learn essentials, and have fun in the great outdoors.

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