Thetford Portapotti 365 Portable Toilet

If you need a hassle-free seated option for going to the toilet in the bush, then the Portapotti 365 from Thetford was designed just for you.

Featuring a 21L tank, with up to 57 flushes, a manual piston pump that’s easy to use, and a holding indicator so you know when it’s time to empty it – the Portapotti 365 from Thetford is simple and user-friendly.

In this video, we’ve roped in Kevin, our gear expert to give us a rundown on the Portapotti 365 from Thetford. He talks about how it works, how to flush it, the best way to empty the toilet when it’s full, where you can find a dedicated dump point, the different Thetford toilet chemicals to use and more – so check it out above!

For more details on the Portapotti 365 from Thetford, then head over to Snowys:

0:00 – Intro
0:12 – Dimensions
0:21 – Capacity
0:46 – Weight
0:52 – How to use
2:42 – Chemicals
3:06 – Carry bag

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