Camp Chef Pro 60X Two-Burner Stove Review : Best Camp Cooking Setup

Camp Chef Pro 60X –
Camp Chef Deluxe BBQ Grill Box 30 –
Camp Chef Artisan Outdoor Oven 30 –
Camp Chef Flat Top Griddle –

I did some cooking on the Camp Chef Pro 60X in the woods last week, and I was very impressed. The Pro 60X has two 30,000 BTU burners. That’s enough flame to get anything done. The Pro 60X also has built-in leg levelers, which is necessary when cooking outdoors. I found the windscreen to be ample, and the side shelves provide quite a large amount of extra space for condiments and ingredients.

Onto the coolest part about the Camp Chef Pro 60X – the accessories! When telling friends about this stove, I’ve been calling it a modular system, because that’s how it feels. Everything fits together perfectly. It doesn’t move around, and it’s effortless to create different cooking setups in a matter of seconds. I tested the Flat Top Griddle 30, the Artisan Outdoor Oven 30, and the Deluxe BBQ Grill Box 30. As you probably already guessed, the Pro 60X will hold any two of those “30” accessories. This makes the system fun to use, and the possibilities are endless. You can cook a pizza and have wings in the grill box. Maybe you have pancakes on the griddle, and you’re smoking sausages in the grill box. How about chicken breasts and asparagus in the grill box and a pie in the oven for dessert?

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