How to Setup Your RV Campsite for Beginners – Water, Sewer, Electric and Gear PLUS Newbie Checklist!


In this YouTube video, we show how we setup our hookups on our Class C RV at an RV campground.

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We cover how to hook up the water, sewer, and electrical for your RV or travel trailer. We also cover all the gear you will need to use to get all set up at your campsite!

In addition, we demonstrate how we assess our campsite before we back in and then how we use leveling blocks and wheel chocks to get level and keep our RV from rolling.

We also share tips and tricks for how to easily set up an RV campsite that any RV beginner or newbie and easily understand.

And we also created an easy to follow checklist to help you get your RV campsite and water, sewer and electric hookups setup up quickly!

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If you are an RV beginner – you might find the amount of RV Gear you need to get started very overwhelming – and expensive!

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