OneTigris Backwoods Bungalow 2.0 Tent – Real World Agenda Free Review

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It is time for a real review of the OneTigris Bungalow 2.0 Super Shelter Tent.
In this episode Luke covers all of the important areas;

the good, the bad and who this would be best for and who it wouldn’t.

This is likely the first real review of this tent on Youtube and is as always, completely Agenda Free.

Link :

Price : $120

Weight Claim : 3.2lbs

Colors : Green and Coyote Brown

Materials : YKK Zipper and either 70D or 75D Nylon – the OneTigris site states both at different points on their web site.

Dimensions : 6.8ft(L)*4.1ft(W)*3.7ft(H)/210cm*125cm*115cm Folded: 15.7”(H)*7.8”(D)/40cm*20cm

What You Get : Stuff bag, 6 Guylines, 10 Tent Stakes

Setup :

One impressive feature of this tent is that it can be setup in multiple ways;

Use stick, use trekking poles, you can setup a ridge line or you can even use trees if they are close enough.

Review Pros :

+ Overall quality is very good with the exception of some loose threads here and there.

+ Perfect size for 1 person and their gear.

+ Good design

+ Awning is excellent and it can be left open in rainy situations as long as the wind isn’t driving it

+ Multiple ways to setup this tent which translates to a lot of options

+ Bug mesh does exactly what it is meant to do; keep bugs out.

+ Good zippers; they can get caught occasionally with the door

Impressively waterproof; handled rain event after rain event including a full 18 hours of heavy rain fall which involved over 3”
Excellent value for the money
Back vent will help with condensation so if you think that you will have to seal the tent up, have it directed so that it can maximize the air flow

++++ I would love to see the back mesh being larger as there is really no reason for it no to be

Review Cons :

Being that this is a single walled tent, one needs to be prepared for condensation! In certain situations if you had to seal this tent up say for really bad weather, moisture can be a major problem.

This is compounded by the very thick mesh which is tent uses; this happens to be some of the thickest, tightest mesh that I have seen before; it keeps bugs out but also, limits airflow which is vitally important with a tent like this. The mesh that was used with this tent does limit ventilation and will increase the temp inside of the tent; this is good for winter camping, not so great for warm weather camping.

Materials will stretch somewhat so adjustments will need to be made over time.

Tent needs to be fully guyed out for the best possible shelter – this translates to a longer than average setup time

the Water repellent treatment which has been done to this tent is extremely aggressive and may need to be reapplied in the future for the tent to continue to be waterproof.

I have heard of individuals having issues with leaking; I haven’t had such an issue but even if you do, a little seam sealer will solve your problems.

Summary :

For the money, this tent offers excellent value and is a well thought out product that I have no problem recommending. There are numerous reviews on this product but I didn’t see many mentioning the most important aspects that one has to keep in mind before purchasing this product and when using it;

Condensation and ventilation.

With your setups, you will need to think about heavy rain fall and what you are going to do during such events. For an example, I would angle the opening of the tent towards the wind so you can obtain as much air flow as possible.

For stormy adventures, you may want a tarp to setup over the awning so that the tent can remain open and condensation will be lessened.

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