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Building a medieval village in 32 days using bushcraft skills and simple hand tools. We build a medieval viking house, celtic roundhouse and saxon pit house using resources found in nature. These bushcraft shelters were inspired by the ancient history of Britain: Anglo Saxons, Vikings and Celts.

The Viking House was built in 10 days. The frame is made from cedar trees. We burnt the ned of the logs using an ancient technique (similar to shou sugi ban). This helps to preserve the wood in the ground from rot and bugs. We then peeled the bark off the cedar tree and tiled the roof with these shingles. We dug a viking longpit and lined it with stones and clay. We then made a folding window and raised beds.

The Saxon House was also built in 10 days. For this we built the timber frame from pine. We used mortise and tenon joinery with hand tools to make the frame sturdy and self-holding. We then weaved sticks in and out for the walls and covered this with a clay and straw mixture (wattle and daub). We then thatched the roof with water reed and capped the ridge with long straw. The door we built from reclaimed wood and hand forged nails. Inside we built a small circle firepit and raised bed. The window is made entirely from natural materials, wood pegs, wedges and joinery.

The Celtic Roundhouse was built in 12 days. The round frame was made with cedar trees which had the bark peeled and ends burnt to preserve the wood for longer in the ground. We then built a medieval fence using wattle and daub (hazel sticks and clay/straw/ash mix). We used these to make the walls of the roundhouse. We used hazel battens and purlins and then for the roof we also thatched this with water reed and made a cap of long straw.

The individual episodes of this series can all be seen below:




I didn’t built these shelters on my own. I had help from these awesome guys below:

TA Fishing:
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