The EcoZoom Dura : Best Rocket Stove For Cooking

Check out the EcoZoom Dure Rocket Stove!

Rocket stoves are efficient by design but tend to run hot. They are in fact so hot that they can be unsafe. The EcoZoom Dura solves this issue with a well-insulated combustion chamber that not only makes the stove safer, but more efficient. You’ll lose less heat through the sides of the stove, which makes for a hotter cooking surface.
The EcoZoom Dura also comes with a stick support, which makes it easier to use longer sticks. Not that you’ll need many. The small number of twigs and sticks required for cooking is impressive. A quick scrounge of the forest floor easily gives you enough biomass to cook a meal. Cooking is easy too, thanks to the cast iron three-pronged cooking surface. Any size pot or pan rests solidly, making the endeavor both safe and secure.

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