Aqua Quest Guide Tarp (10×10) Review – Lightweight, Strong and Waterproof

This is the Aqua Quest Guide Tarp and in this Agenda Free Review Luke is going over the Pros and Cons.

What makes it so good and are there any major problems?

Find out now.

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Aqua Quest Guide Tarp – Lightweight, Strong and Waterproof

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Sizes and Prices : 10×7 $80, 10×10 $100, 13×10 $120, 20x13ft $180. These are the retail prices, prices on Amazon are about $20 cheaper at the time of filming.

Color : Ravine Green

Materials : 40D ripstop fabric with dual coatings of silicone & PU

Weight : 1lb 6.3oz

With the 10×10 which you see here, you’re getting 92 sq ft of coverage, it compresses down to 11.5 x 4.5 x 3” and there are 17 tie out points including a center hang point.

Review Pros :
Extremely durable
Excellent storm worthiness against wind and rain 5,000mm hydrostatic head rating
Excellent quality
Tons of tie off points; lots of setup options – No grommets to have torn out
Excellent weight for the size
Packs down small
Good size stuff sack
Makes an excellent sun shade

Review Cons :
No color choices

Summary :
When it comes to the best of the best tarps, the one company that comes to mind is Aqua Quest; they offer top shelf tarps and if you want the best of the best you will have to pay for it. Without a doubt you can find tarps of the same size for less and I have reviewed many and recommend many and with the Aqua Quest Guide, I recommend it as well.

If you are seeking a best of quality tarp that features excellent build quality this is what I would suggest.

Also, the overall weight of these tarps is very good especially when compared to some of Aqua Quests heavy duty tarps.

Speaking of durability, if you follow the channel and have seen all of my adventures, then you have seen this tarp go through some pretty wicked storms and never has it let me down. It is strong and has withstood strong 30mph winds with no problems.

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