Comparing the Hard Korr 200W Lifestyle Solar Blanket & 200W Crocskin Solar Panels

Check out the Hard Korr 200W Portable Solar Panels with Crocskin Cell Armour and Lifestyle 200W Portable Solar Blanket here:

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If you need to power your gear or charge up your batteries to go further on your adventures, then the range of Solar Panels and Blankets from Hard Korr are ideal.

The 200W Portable Solar Panel with Crocskin features A-grade monocrystalline cells with solid copper cell backing that are coated with Crocskin armour, the mat is made from 1680D canvas, the panels can be angled towards the sun for maximum efficiency and it comes with a 15A 5-stage digital controller, Anderson plug and all the necessary cables you need. The Lifestyle 200W Blanket, on the other hand, features monocrystalline solar cells, a 15A PWM regulator with dual USB outlets and all the cables you need and has a very compact size for easy transport.

In this video, our gear expert Ben compares the features and functionality of the 200W Solar Blanket and 200W Crocskin Solar Panels from Hard Korr.

He begins comparing the dimensions and weight, what they come with, materials, solar controllers, mounting options, performance, durability, and sets them both up to check the output – so check it out above for all the details.

0:00 – Intro
0:50 – Weights & packed dimensions
1:31 – Materials
2:07 – Cables
2:23 – Battery clamps
2:39 – Solar controllers
3:55 – Mounting options
4:48 – Panel durability
5:55 – Checking the output

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