Amazing Value – Stanley Adventure Cook Set

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Up for review today is the Stanley Adventure Cook Set and when it comes to value, there isn’t much on the market which can rival what it offers.

The review begins now!

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Price : Retail is $15

Weight of Kit : 13.5oz

Weight of Pot : 6.8oz

Weight of Lid : 1.1oz

Weight of each Cup : 2.8oz

Capacity of Pot : 24oz

Capacity of Cups : 12oz to the top; holds 10oz comfortably

Three Piece cookset

Funny : I have never heard of this cookset and one day a few months back I stumbled upon it and said to myself, “that looks to be a great deal” so I ordered on and posted a picture to social media and to my surprise, everyone has heard of these. Haha Apparently this has been around since 2012ish and are very well known and respected.

· Vented lid lets you cook on camp stoves or grills

· Locking handle extends for cooking, folds to save space

· 18/8 stainless steel won’t rust; naturally BPA-free

· Two Nesting 10oz/295mL insulated plastic ceramic cups included

I’ve been told that the small plastic tab on the lid melts but I haven’t had that experience so far with all of my cooking and boiling which includes canister stove use as well as in fires. I’ve also used this with Trangia Alcohol stoves with not problems.

Is it a legitimate concern and will it melt under reasonable use conditions?

There is a debate about this; some say the tab will melt while others say that after years of use, it’s not an issue. No, as long as you are mindful you can use this in a fire, on a fire or on a stove without the grab tab melting.

It completely depends on how you use it; Set it on top of a fire, no problem. If you don’t mind a slower boil times, you can set the pot next to a blazing fire and that is likely where the tab is to melt.

Tab Replacement : You could replace the tab with all sorts of attachments; one would be a Split Key Chain Ring – This is a common solution but it’s one that I person don’t like – The problem with that is that it would lay completely flat on the lid which would be a pain to grab and to remove the lid.

For me, a simple piece of wire would work better and could be easily bent at an angle so you can grab it when it is over your heat source. Ultimately do what you like; for me, I will be mindful of the grab tab and prevent it from melting.

Pros :

Awesome value – this really goes to show you that quality gear at a good price is out there.

Does a good job of insulating; keeping coffee hot. I haven’t tested anything cold in this yet since it is the winter.

Locking handle.

Good quality grab tab; doesn’t fall over

Fairly compact system; doesn’t take up much space in your pack

Easy to clean; if you wish to remove builtup tarnish, use a product called bar keepers friend and it will come right off.

Marked measurements on the pot

Strong handle which locks and does a great job of holding the lid into place.

Even with the cups inside of the pot, there is enough space for a small canister stove and washcloth.

Cons :

The narrow base means that you need to be careful if you are using it on a stove; stability can be an issue.

Speaking of it being narrow, there may be some stoves out on the market which this will not sit on.

Grab tab could melt in some situations – a metal tab would have been a better design decision but with a little care, you won’t have any problems.

Small pot which means that if you plan to cook in it, you will have to get creative with what it is that you are making.

Summary :

Plain and simple this is a great bit of kit and I highly recommend it as long as you don’t care about weight. If you do, go with Titanium or aluminum otherwise, you really can’t go wrong here. The value is excellent and there are no big glaring issues.

Talking about price, if his kit was made by other popular companies, they would charge 3 times as much…you know that they would I commend Stanley for offering such a kit at such a good price. Imagine what Snowpeak or MSR would charge for this…

Very good general purpose set which can be used for backpacking, car camping, emergency kit for your vehicle and even survival.

Question to ask yourself; does the size and capability of this system work for you? This isn’t a huge pot by any means so do keep that in mind.

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