NEMO Luxury Camp Sleeping System : NEMO Jazz Sleeping Bag Osmo + Nomad Pad

Nemo Jazz Sleeping Bags
When it comes to comfort and “sleepability” rectangular sleeping bags beat mummy bags hands down. And since your car camping, you have plenty of room to take along any bag you want. Once you experience the Nemo Jazz line of sleeping bags, we’re pretty certain it’s the one you’ll want. It features an incredibly roomy interior along with an oversized hood you can cinch up on the coldest nights. There’s an integrated sheet for snuggle up comfort and temperature control that will rival your bed at home. A pad sleeve holds your pad in place so it won’t twist, turn, or slide off during the night.


Nemo Cosmo Sleeping Pads
Few things in camping are as important as a good night’s sleep. And few things are as important to getting that good night’s sleep as a comfortable sleeping pad. We’ve had fabulous success with the Nemo Cosmo line – from the standard through the long/wide to the extra long luxury. All incorporate an integrated foot pump that allows you to quickly inflate the pad even when your lungs would be gasping for air. Deflating is fast, too, so you can pack up and hit the trail quickly. The air chambers run across the pad rather than the length of the pad which makes you feel them less – and makes them less inclined to wrap you up like a taco!

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