Shark Fishing Tips – How to Make a Shark Rig for Surf Fishing


This is a fishing tutorial video that shows how to make/build a shark fishing rig for surf fishing. This rig is designed to be castable. We use this rig when surf fishing on the beaches of Florida. This leader is designed to catch sharks under 8ft in length. This is a heavy duty rig that is also very cost-effective. The total cost of the rig is under $5.00.


– Wire Cutters
– Hand Swager AKA Crimper tool


– (1) 12/0 Eagle Claw L2004 Circle Hook
– (1) 6/0 – 500lb Crane Swivel
– (1) 3/0 — 300lb Crane Swivel
– (2) 2.3mm Stainless Steel Thimbles
– (2) 2.3mm Aluminum Oval Crimps
– (1) Size 6 — 200lb Coastlock Snap
– (2) 26″ strands of #15 single strand wire. (We prefer to use the American Fishing Wire brand Tooth Proof)
– (1) 7ft section of 500lb monofilament


This video was filmed by Chad Crawford from



How to Crimp:

How to Make a Double Hook Shark Rig:

How to Do Florida – Shark Fishing Episode:

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