Excellent Value but Not Perfect – Stanley Adventure All in One 2 Bowl Cook Set Review

Up for an Agenda Free Review today is the Stanley Adventure All-in-One 2 Bowl Cook Set and when it comes to value, there isn’t much on the market which can rival what it offers but it’s not perfect…..

The review begins now!

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Stanley Adventure All-in-One 2 Bowl Cook Set

Agenda Free Link : https://www.amazon.com/STA01715-BRK-Prep-Cook-Set-Stainless/dp/B00JYFH0QO

Price : $35 at the time of filming

Dimensions: 6.5L x 4.4W x 6.5H in

Materials : 18/8 stainless steel and BPA free plastic

Weight : 25.3oz for the entire kit – 11.6oz for the pot and lid – 15.1oz for pot, lid and one bowl

Included : 8 piece kit – made to serve two users –
(1) 1. 58qt pot,
(1) vented pot lid,
(2) 20oz bowls,
(2) bowl lids,
(1) Bowl lids can be used as cutting boards
(1) spatula with extending handle,
(1) ladle with extending handle

Review Pros :
Nice quality camping set

Good value for the money considering that smaller pots made from stainless can be just as much as the entire Stanley kit.

good for backpacking, truck camping and even overlanding


Easy to clean – speaking of which, I used this over a fire and was able to clean it up with barkeepers friend

Pot is of an excellent size – big enough to make meal a for 2 people
Or Plenty of coffee

Everything nests together –

You can remove what you don’t need and leave it behind or even replace it with a stove, fuel, wash cloth, lighter, and so on.

Good handle, easy to deploy and to stow

Locking system

Lifetime warranty

Easy to clean

Review Cons :

Fairly heavy if you carry the entire kit but it can be lessened if you leave components behind

The company says that the lids can be used as a cutting board; that’s a bit of a stretch. Why not say that the bottom of a bowl is a cutting board too, it’s flat and if that is all that you need to qualify as a cutting board….

Grab tab is plastic; not so much of a con but a warning; if you plan to use this over an open fire you will need to be careful to make sure that the grab tab doesn’t melt. You can of course replace the tab with a key ring or a piece of wire if needed.

Summary : For the money Stanley continues with their excellent offerings for outdoor enthusiasts. The kit offers a lot for money and provides the user or users multiple options for both backpacking and car camping.

Do you have any experience with this kit? If so please share your thoughts and experiences; how do you use the kit? Is it too heavy for backpacking? Perfect for overlanding?

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