Thetford Porta Potti 565E & 565P Camp Toilet

Check out the Thetford Porta Potti 565E & 565P Camp Toilet here:

If you are not a fan of longdrops or digging a hole, the Porta Potti 565E & 565P Camp Toilet from Thetford is the luxurious portable toilet for you.

The 565E has an electric flushing system, a higher seat than other models in the Porta Potti range, is made from light high-quality durable plastic, with a nifty toilet paper roll holder integrated into the base and a 21L holding capacity.

In this video, our teammate Ben gives you the lowdown on the Porta Potti 565E from Thetford. He starts out with talking you through the dimensions, and then compares it to the 565P model from Theford.

After that, Ben shows you all the external features of the unit, how to add batteries to the electric flushing system, where to put the additives, and how to release the waste into the holding tank, use the flush, empty the waste holding tank, and how to transport it – so check it out above for all the details.

0:00 – Intro
0:29 – Dimensions & seat height
0:43 – 565E & 565P pumps
1:39 – Toilet roll holder
2:40 – Included accessories
3:10 – Flush button battery compartment
3:35 – Adding additives
3:54 – How to use the toilet
4:32 – Emptying the waste water tank
6:15 – Optional transport bag

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