Gamakatsu Unleashes the NEW Round 26 Weedless Jig Hooks



Gamakatsu Unleashes the NEW Round 26 Weedless Jig Hooks

Ask any angler where the big fish are and they’ll probably point to a heavily weeded area. Big fish get that way by surviving, which means taking cover from you and me. Getting into these areas can be tough, but Gamakatsu has a solution. Springing from their original Round 26, the company has just released their Round 26 Weedless Jig Hooks.

Round 26 Weedless

Round head jigs are among the most popular styles, largely because of their versatility. Gamakatsu® adds a weedless option to their versatile jig head selection with the Round 26 Weedless Jig Hooks.

Gamakatsu news @ OutdoorHub:

Gamakatsu Round 26 Weedless Jig Hooks

Round 26 Weedless

The Round 26 is not new, but the addition of a weedless option is a welcomed one. Like the original, the weedless uses a standard lead caller. In addition to this, the weedless version has dual offset rebarb wire keepers. These are there to hold a variety of soft plastic baits. There’s not a whole lot that coaxes four-letter words from me than losing my bait. The Round 26 Weedless features a dual-titanium, wire weed guard. This guard is built for strength, allowing you to fish areas with heavier cover and heavier fish! The round head is meant to sink quickly, while the 604 series jig hook works its magic. The hook’s deep gap and sharp points are bound to hold on to any fish that grabs it.

Round 26 Weedless


  • Quantity: Three per pack
  • Available sizes: 2/0-1/16 to 4/0-1/2
  • MSRP: $8.16 to $9.32, depending on size

If you’ve been searching for a new weedless option, these might be worth a look. You can find out more on Gamakatsu’s website. You can also find more new products by following them on their social media pages. You can follow Gamakatsu on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. Go catch some dinner!

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