Combat Fishing for Baby Goliath Groupers – ft. LakeForkGuy

Josh got together with Justin from LakeForkGuy to go combat fishing for baby goliath groupers. Justin has dreamed of catching a baby goliath grouper. These little guys are bass on steroids! The day started off with Josh and Justin catching mullet for live bait. We then headed further inshore to a bridge where the baby goliath groupers dwell. After a few minutes of fishing, Justin hooked up and the fish quickly broken the line. Over a dozen fish were lost between Josh and Justin. Josh had an epic battle but was defeated. Finally, Justin broke the ice and caught a baby goliath grouper (estimated weight was between 6-8lbs). After Justin released his grouper, Josh hooked up and landed a big snook (estimated weight was between 17-20lbs). It shocked us both! Overall, what an incredible experience being humbled by these little giants!

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Filmed in Florida!

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