Shot On Nikon Z 9: See What The New Flagship Can Do

Outdoor Photography

Nikon’s new Z 9, formally unveiled on October 28, is an exciting camera for pro and serious amateur photographers, with incredibly fast capture rates, advanced AF performance and impressive video capabilities. This has been a big year for top-tier camera introductions from Nikon, Canon and Sony, and the Z 9 doesn’t disappoint those who patiently waited for the full reveal after the camera’s development was announced last March.

In this YouTube video created by Links TV and shot in 8K HDR, we get a sense of the camera’s impressive still and video quality as well as its AF performance. We think wildlife photographers will be especially interested to see the AF tracking capabilities of the camera when paired with the new NIKKOR Z 100-400mm f/4.5-5.6 VR S, a long-awaited lens announced alongside the Z 9 that’s the first longer telephoto zoom for the Z system. The 8K timelapse sequences are also very promising for creators who work in both still and motion.

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