Darche Panorama 2 Rooftop Tent + Annex

The ultimate RTT in Darche’s range, the Panorama 2 Rooftop Tent + Annex provides a luxurious sleeping area on top of your vehicle on your adventures.

Made from hardwearing canvas, with a PVC floor and tonneau cover – the Panorama is built tough to weather the elements. Featuring a tropical fly to prevent consideration build up, with a 50mm high density mattress for comfort, a versatile 3-way access annex and a telescopic alloy ladder to access the tent – it’s got everything you need to snooze out under the heavens.

Recently, our team mate Ben was invited by Darche to the 4WD show where he got to look at their Panorama 2 RTT. In this video, he goes through all of the interior and exterior features of this RTT, how to access the tent through the annex, tricks for using the ladder, how to set up the window awning, and heaps more – so hit the play button for all those details.

Check out the Panorama 2 Rooftop Tent + Annex online at Snowys:

0:00 – Intro
0:17 – Packed size
0:35 – Materials
0:55 – Removable annex
1:07 – Removable floor
1:20 – Annex doors
1:59 – Ladder
2:49 – Inside the tent
3:24 – Window awning
4:06 – Vents and skylight
4:46 – Entrance pole

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