Inflatable Truck Topper: ‘FLATED’ Launches With Unique Pickup Accessories


Just launched, FLATED is a unique automotive outfitter that wants to elevate and simplify gear for overlanders, road trippers, and van lifers.

It might seem like every corner of the outdoor gear market is covered. For any problem, no matter how slight, there’s a host of companies ready to sell you a solution. It’s rare that we encounter some product that meets an unanswered need, but an inflatable truck topper might be the exception.

Launched this week, FLATED is a brand that claims to heed car camper, overlander, and van lifer calls for more efficient, portable equipment by making all of its accessories inflatable.

Its initial product line features a truck topper, cargo box, pet carrier, and rooftop platform. Here’s what we know about each piece of inflatable gear in FLATED’s automotive collection.

FLATED Pickup & SUV Gear

Although soft-sided, the inflatable line uses all-weather, military-grade materials. FLATED binds each piece together using a proven drop-stitch construction to create a rigid shape and taught surface when inflated. Every inflatable component comes with a high-pressure hand or foot pump, patch kits, and a backpack-like carrying case.

Air-Topper Inflatable Truck Topper

Air-Topper inflatable truck topper; (photo/FLATED)
Air-Topper inflatable truck topper; (photo/FLATED)

FLATED claims that its Air-Topper (MSRP $1,900-2,000) is the world’s first inflatable truck shell, durable enough for heavy-duty adventures but convenient enough for everyday use. The Air-Topper secures to a truck’s rails via eight attachment points and is compatible with Chevy, Ford, and Toyota Tacoma truck beds.

Air-Topper Features

  • 8 attachment points
  • Rollable, tinted vinyl windows
  • Removable, zippered side screens
  • Internal storage pockets
  • 4 D-ring tiedowns for gear storage
  • Full-size standard, full-size short, mid-size standard models
  • External applications

Air-Deck Inflatable Platform

Air-Deck inflatable platform cots; (photo/FLATED)
Air-Deck inflatable platform cots; (photo/FLATED)

The Air-Deck (MSRP $600-750) is an inflatable raised platform made to fit SUVs, trucks, and vans. FLATED makes the Air-Deck in three cot sizes: small (72″ x 31.5″), medium (72″ x 53″), and large (75″ x 62″). The raised design creates additional storage space underneath the cot.

Air-Deck Features

  • 4 quick-clip tiedown points
  • 4 mesh storage pockets
  • Weight-distributing baffles
  • 500-lb. load-bearing capacity
  • Small, medium, and large cot sizes
  • Internal and external applications

Air-Chalet Inflatable Pet Shelter

FLATED Air-Chalet pet carrier, rated to withstand up to 203 lbs. when inflated; (photos/ FLATED)
FLATED Air-Chalet pet carrier, rated to withstand up to 203 pounds when inflated; (photos/ FLATED)

The Air-Chalet pet carrier (MSRP $400-550) is FLATED’s solution to bulky and uncomfortable pet crates. The company boasts that its inflatable, rigid construction absorbs shocks resulting from bumps and minor collisions.

Inflated, the chalet can withstand up to 230 pounds of force, creating a stiff and protective shelter that’s well suited for car, campsite, and at-home applications.

Air-Chalet Features

  • Rigid, padded “bounce-house” construction
  • Tiedown straps
  • 5-sided mesh screen windows (ceiling + sides)
  • Full-front, quick-zip door
  • 2 mesh storage pockets
  • Small, medium, large crate sizes
  • Internal applications

Air-Carrier Inflatable Cargo Box

Air-Carrier inflatable rooftop cargo; (photo/FLATED)
Air-Carrier inflatable rooftop cargo; (photo/FLATED)

In addition to being collapsible, the inflatable Air-Carrier cargo box (MSRP $750-800) is no-rack, crossbar, and soft-rack mountable. FLATED makes the Air-Carrier with integrated straps for crossbar applications and D-ring accessory straps that run through the vehicle’s doors for bare rooftops.

Available in medium (64″ x 30″ x 20″) and large (72″ x 34″ x 20″) options, the inflatable cargo box offers up to 23 cubic feet of rooftop space.

Air-Carrier Features

  • 420D DWR nylon canvas sidewalls
  • Lockable, two-way zippers
  • Rigid, aerodynamic design for reduced drag
  • Integrated tie-downs
  • Crossbar, soft-rack, and no-rack compatible
  • Interior storage pockets
  • Medium and large carrier sizes
  • External applications

For additional information, to place an order, or to inquire about custom fabrication, head to

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