Bushcraft Camp with Watch Tower: Off Grid Shelter Build

I build a bushcraft camp with lookout tower and ladder. This bushcraft super shelter has a large lean-to shelter, smaller shelter with moss roof, dog house, a watch tower with ladder that is accessible only from the inside of the camp. It also has a log store built on the outside. It has a kitchen/cooking area, plus a cooking crane made from sticks. The shelter also has a timber frame roof with retractable tarp overhead. The camp is fully enclosed with perimeter walls and has a small gate at the entrance. I built this supershelter mostly solo, but on some days my dad would help, as well as my small jack russell dog.
I started building this shelter with little knowledge and only a few cheap hand tools. As I developed my skillset I began to use different hand tools and learn various woodworking techniques and joinery to make the shelter stronger. I have spent many nights alone in the forest in this camp. I taught myself survival skills, developed bushcraft knowledge and learnt how to work with nature. Originally I wanted to build a log cabin style structure, and scribe the logs, notch them and build a much more stable structure. But sadly there was not enough large logs and I did not want to cut down loads of living trees to do it. At times I did use primitive technology, and even used natural cordage. However, I soon found that I had to replace this cordage often, so it made sense to use man-made materials to help extend the life of the building. I spent many memorable solo overnight camps in this shelter, and had many happy mermories building it. The shelter has since been dismantled, and all of the wood put towards building the thatch saxon house which I have recently been building on my channel. It’s nice to know that the bushcraft camp, which was such a huge part of my channel, is continuing to live on through other shelters! Thanks to all who followed me on this adventure. I hope there will be many more that you can follow me on in the future! – Mike

DAD’S CHANNEL TA FISHING: https://www.youtube.com/tafishing
BUILD A CABIN FROM PALLET WOOD: https://youtu.be/1HA4zY8xCyY
BUILDING THE BUSHCRAFT CAMP: https://youtu.be/rcihSMpsDn0
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