Fast-Pitch Tent Showdown – Black Wolf Turbos, Oztent RVs, Coleman Instant Ups & more

Check out the Coleman Instant Up 4P Silver Tent here:

Coleman Instant Up 4P Gold Tent:

Black Wolf 240 X-Lite LF Tent:

Black Wolf Turbo 240 Tent:

Oztent RV4 Canvas Touring Tent:

If you’re struggling to pick a fast pitching tent for your upcoming adventures, then don’t stress – just watch this video for a rundown of the most popular touring and camping tents in our range.

In this video, the Snowys video crew headed down to the Brownhill Creek Tourist park to set up a range of tents from Coleman, Black Wolf and Oztent for a tent smackdown comparison. The criteria for this showdown was that they all featured some sort of quick pitch frame, and can sleep up to four people.

Watch on as our gear guru Ben gives you a tour of a range of camping touring tents starting with the most affordable and lightweight option – the Coleman Instant Up 4P Silver, then the Coleman Instant Up 4P Gold, Black Wolf 240 X-Lite LF, Turbo 240, all the way to the heaviest and highest priced Oztent RV4.

He also talks you through a couple of others in the range not on camera including the OZtrail Fast Frame, Coleman Dark Room Series, Oztent Oxley, EPE Speedy Earth, and Oztent RX models. Ben then lines up all the bags of the tents so that you can get an idea of how their packed size compares – so check it out above for all the details.

0:00 – Intro
0:26 – Similarities
0:43 – Coleman Instant Up 4P Silver Tent
1:10 – OZtrail Fast Frame Series Tent
1:33 – Coleman Instant Up 4P Gold tent
2:17 – Coleman Darkroom Series 4P Tent
2:42 – Black Wolf Turbo 240 X-Lite LF Tent
3:35 – Black Wolf Turbo 240 Tent
4:23 – Oztent Oxley Touring Tent
4:55 – EPE Speedy Earth Tent
5:17 – Oztent RV4 Tent
6:09 – Oztent RX Series Tent
6:47 – Pack sizes

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