Bianchi Assent Pro-Fit Holster Review



Bianchi Assent Pro-Fit Holster Review

In this review, we are going to take a look at the newest addition to my hunting kit, the Bianchi Assent Pro-Fit Holster.

Functionality and comfort are the two things that remain at the top of my list when identifying a new piece of gear to my lineup.  Recently I had the opportunity test out the Bianchi Assent Pro-Fit leather holster.  I would be using it in a slightly different application though as it would be holding my bear pistol in hunting situations.

My first instance would be on a whitetail deer hunt in south Texas.  Now, one would think, why are we carrying pistols on a whitetail hunt?  Well, because we are in Texas and because we can, that is reason enough for me.  When we hunt in south Texas it is very much a “safari” style hunt with a lot of driving and glassing either in a pickup or a buggy.  That means a lot of up and down and getting in and out of those vehicles.  This seemed like a perfect application for a hip holster.

Traditionally, I have always carried a chest rig when hunting but can never seem to get them quite right and there always seems to be some level of discomfort.  The Assent Pro-fit was VERY comfortable and rarely if ever got in the way while hunting.  In fact, it rode on my hip in a manner that I could easily get out and get prone to shoot with my rifle with zero issues.

The Pro-fit comes in two different color options, offers both a right-hand or left-hand draw and adjusts securely to fit over 250 firearms.  My personal carry sidearm is a G40 MOS and the holster easily and securely holds that pistol even with my red dot on it which is a nice added bonus.  It looks very sharp in both the tan or black finish and fits 1.5” (38mm) belt widths.

Full product specs from the website are as follows:

  • GLS™ retention secures the firearm and releases easily and naturally with a proper shooting grip using the middle finger as you draw
  • Premium full grain leather exterior with laminate synthetic liner
  • Optics capable
  • Low-profile, contoured body-hugging design
  • Dual belt slots fit up to 1.5” (38mm) belts for snug fit
  • 6 sizes fit over 250 firearms, adjustable for customized fit

Overall, I was very happy with the construction and performance of the holster.  I would say it comes at a very reasonable price point of $78.00 on their website and is a nice alternative for a hunting application for those, like me, who just don’t seem to care for a chest rig.  South Texas was a perfect test run for what would be the ultimate test of this holster, a horseback mule deer hunt on the border of Yellowstone in Wyoming. To say this trip made me fall in love with this holster would be an understatement.

Bianchi Assent 2

Having used a chest rig for my G40 while caribou hunting in Alaska, I can say with confidence that I am truly rethinking that set up for my return to the Brooks Range in 2022. While many hunters may not love the idea of a holstered firearm riding on their hip while they are traversing tougher terrain, I think the natural draw and accessibility that a hip holster provides will win the day. Ultimately, you have your defense pistol for a very specific reason and you truly do not know how much time you may have to draw your sidearm should a bear or other unruly animal charge.

Bianchi Assent 3

As someone who concealed carries on a daily basis, I have established muscle memory while doing draw and dry fire drills. In an extreme encounter with a bear or other animal, I will have a faster draw and greater likelihood to place my sights on target if I am doing what seems natural, and natural for me is not drawing from a chest rig. Ultimately, the setup of your kit will boil down to personal preference but, I would encourage you to consider a hip holster for your next backcountry hunt.

For more information on the Bianchi Assent Pro-Fit holster, head over to

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