My Basic Camping Setup – [ Tips For Beginners ]

I unpack my basic camping setup to show you what i take away camping.
If you are a beginner to camping and looking for tips on how little amount of camping gear you need to go out and enjoy the Australian bush, this video will help you out.
Start off with some basic camping gear to see if you will enjoy camping.
I have been camping for well over 45 years, and this is all of the camping gear i need to setup out in the bush.
Don’t worry if you see other campers with a lot of gear and all of the latest and greatest mods and cons. Half of what they have may not suit the type of camping that you want to do.
One of the advantages with having a basic camping setup is, you don’t have much camping gear to get setup.
The quicker and easier your camping setup is to put together, the more you will want to go camping.
Do you have a basic camping setup ?
If so. How basic is your camping setup ?

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