Medieval Camp – First Night in the Celtic Roundhouse: Bushcraft Project (PART 10)

Join us at the medieval camp where we spend the first night in the bushcraft celtic roundhouse. We have been building the iron age roundhouse using simple hand tools. The foundations and timber frame we built from Cedar. We then built a medieval fence panel using woven hazel (wattle and daub), we then attached these panels to the frame. We used a clay and straw mix to seal the walls. We thatched the roof with traditional iron age techniques, using water reed and capped the ridge with long straw from Somerset, England. With the house now complete, we decided it was time for us both to do a first overnight in the camp. So we laid down some deer hides on the raised beds, got a big fire going and cooked over the fire using a traditional Afghan pressure cooker. We seared the meat on the fire to seal the flavour in, then added some moroccan spices to the pressure cooker, and some cooking oil, and we filled it with fresh vegetables and sweet corn. We added some water and then sealed the cooker up and cooked it over the fire for 30 minutes. Thanks for watching and please subscribe to experience more content like this!

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