Best Ways to Carry OTC Medications in the Field



Best Ways to Carry OTC Medications in the Field

Being a mom who takes her kids outdoors and lets them essentially test their own limits in a variety of ways, I need to be prepared in a variety of aspects, including over the counter medications.

Prevention is certainly key in many aspects, though sometimes there are accidents and unexpected illness.

A few years ago we were on a week long hunting trip and on the last day my daughter came down with an intense fever out of the blue. We had some medicine to make her comfortable and we left immediately.

Another time, my daughter was walking in sandals in the park and we think an ant bit her, but her foot began to swell. We have her topical antibiotics and it began to feel better immediately.

Having these medications handy can keep your trip going or it can at least sooth some ailment as you make your return home.

In addition, maybe you need to take certain medications everyday and need a way to transport them easily while backpacking or camping.

Or maybe you want to keep up with your vitamin regimen even while scaling mountains.

Whatever your reasons are for wanting to continue to carry medications outdoors, I’ve got you covered with these ideas.

Here are some of the best ways to carry medications with you when exploring the outdoors:

1. Travel Pill Organizer


Travel Pill Organizer

Pill organizer

This is my personal favorite as I can put it in my emergency kits, first aid kits or can be slipped practically anywhere. I just make sure to mark on the outside of each compartment what the medicine is.

There are several compartments that click shut to keep moisture out. Moisture is the enemy of pills. Even in my humid environment, these work great.

Pros/Moisture proof, compact, lots of compartments

Cons/Best for smaller pills

Bottom Line/Great organizer for any type of travel or everyday

2. Pill pouches


Pill pouches

Pill bags

These pill bags offer a super lightweight and compact option for pills. I would divide the pills up and give each type of medication their own pouch, however, they could all be placed inside of the same pouch, as well.

The pouches are very easy to write on.

These can be a little thin and flimsy, so maybe will only work for one or two uses, but it depends on how they’re used. These can easily be placed inside of a first aid kit.

One other thing to keep in mind with these is their ability to be crushed if not placed in a fairly secure place.

Pros/Keeps moisture out, easy to write on

Cons/Thin, maybe only one or two uses, pills may be crushed

Bottom Line/Good option for super lightweight

3. Keychain pill case


Keychain pill case

Keychain pill case

What I love about these is how secure they are.

These aren’t just moisture proof, they’re legit waterproof, not just because of the hard exterior but because of the rubber gasket.

They’re small, but they do come in various sizes so you may be able to find bigger ones if you need to. Otherwise these are nice as they’ll keep the pills protected from the elements while also keep them from getting crushed.

Pros/Waterproof, durable, easy to carry


Bottom Line/Great option for those looking to keep pills out of the elements

4. Daily organizer


Daily organizer

If you need a daily organizer that’s a step above the standard plastic organizers that you can get from any pharmacy, this is it.

What’s really cool about this setup is that it’s modular. If you only need to take medications on Monday, Wednesday, Friday, you can carry pills just for those days instead of the entire Sun-Sat organizer.

These also have gaskets on them to secure them and keep water out, which makes them a great waterproof option.

It’s fairly compact and because of its shape could be placed almost anywhere in your pack. The compartments are fairly large, as well.

Pros/Waterproof, large containers, modular

Cons/Could be a little too heavy, not transparent

Bottom Line/Keep the elements out of your meds

5. Medicine bag


Medicine bag

Medicine bag for kid medications

Most first aid kits don’t take into account liquid medications for young kids. I still carry liquid medications for my young kids as that’s what they are supposed to be taking.

A bag like this allows me to place the bottles on one side, then adult medications on the other side. You could also keep your prescription medications in their original bottles, this might be helpful if you’re traveling. If you ever need a refill or if you happen to get stopped by law enforcement and they need to see the medications, they can clearly see what it is right there on the bottle.

This is a pretty large bag so even some first aid items could be placed inside, as well.

Pros/Secures the medications in the pouches, lots of room

Cons/Not lightweight

Bottom Line/Great bag for multiple medicaitions

How will you carry your medications outdoors?

There are some great ways to carry our medications for everyday purposes or out in the field on your outdoor adventures.

Make sure everything is labeled and pay attention to the expiration dates of your medications and change them out regularly.

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