EPIC Offshore Fishing Adventure in the Middle Grounds

I headed 130 miles off the coast of Florida with Capt. Blake to a special place called the Middle Grounds with one goal: catch as many fish as possible! Our trip was nothing short of epic! At our first location, we were catching mangrove snappers on the surface (I never knew that mangrove snappers would feed on the surface in 80ft of water). Once we caught enough snappers, we then moved another 60 miles offshore to search for some groupers. Blake and I started with vertical jigs and then moved to live bait. We caught giant almaco jacks, amberjacks, monster red snappers and some really nice gag groupers. We stayed offshore overnight and grilled some steaks. Blake and I had a blast catching squid with a dip net while we waited for the next bite. In the morning, we packed up and moved to another location where there was a large population of red snappers. It didn’t take long for us to catch our two-day limit of red snappers. Overall, we caught over 100 fish and has an epic time in the Middle Grounds!

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• Mangrove Snapper → http://bit.ly/gray-snapper-info
• Red Snapper → http://bit.ly/red-snapper-info
• Gag Grouper → http://bit.ly/gag-grouper-info

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