Family Camping for Beginners: Key Tips for Setting Up for Wild Camping

To finish off our latest camping series of videos, we provide some information to support camping for beginners as well as some more advanced tips (like snow camping tips) for those more experienced at family camping. While our other videos go deeper into cooking, tents, and equipment, in this video, we are taking a closer look at setting up camp. After many camping trips, here is how we approach insuring that we get our camp in the right location, position ourselves well for a comfortable night’s sleep, and get our camping and hiking gear organized when we are out in the wild.

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0:00 Intro
0:08 Bumper
0:26 Our Camping Series Videos to Complement This Video on Camp Setup
0:58 Tent Location and Positioning
2:16 Preparing Snow to Help Make a Winter Camp Comfortable
2:56 Two Knots to Help Tension Your Tent
4:21 Choosing the Right Tent Stakes for Your Trip
5:09 Organizing Camp Outside of the Tent
5:35 Organizing Camp Inside of the Tent
6:16 Two Pieces of Gear for Which We Always Carry Spares
7:09 Preparing and Adult Sleeping Bag for Use by a Kid
7:46 Outro

A special thanks to Marisa Jarae for cinematography in our bumper: scenes that include me in the frame while in the Himalaya.

Disclaimer: Please see the link for our disclaimer policy for all of our videos on the Short Guys Beta Works YouTube channel.

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