Iron Age Roundhouse: 12 Day Bushcraft Shelter with Hand Tools | Full Build

Building a medieval roundhouse from the iron age in 12 days. This bushcraft shelter build took us 12 days to make with simple hand tools. It has a thatched roof and wattle and clay walls. This bushcraft camp was inspired by the ancient celts that occupied britain thousands of years ago. They lived in round dwellings generally made from wattle and daub and a roof made from thatched water reed, long straw, sod or turf and heather. They had fire pits inside their houses where they would cook the food and the smoke would permeate through the roof of the thatch material, keeping the shelter warm and dry. We used simple hand tools for this build: axe, saw, knife, hand auger and drawknife to build this tiny house in the woods. This was a collaboration project with my friend Dustin from Bushcraft Tools. See a link to his channel below. Thank you for watching!

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