12 Days of OutdoorHub Christmas Day 3! Eye and Ear Protection



12 Days of OutdoorHub Christmas Day 3! Eye and Ear Protection

Love it or hate it, Christmas music is already blaring on every gas station and grocery store PA system. So if you’re all gung ho about those holiday tunes then more power to you. For the rest of us, you might want to shield your ears for the 100th time you’ve heard Jingle Bell Rock this year. Today we’re going to check out a couple of great deals for eye and ear protection whether you’re out on the flat range, hunting, at a family Christmas shoot, or protecting your eyes from the neighbor’s 2,000 kWh light setup.

12 Days of OutdoorHub Christmas Day 3! Eye and Ear Protection

2 Free Sets of Electronic Ear Muffs with a $150 Purchase from Caldwell

When you hear the name Caldwell the first thing that should probably come to mind is targets. Caldwell does indeed have a great lineup of paper and steel targets but they also have a full lineup of electronic hearing protection that can hang with the best in the industry. Bosting some of the latest Bluetooth and audio technology, both the E-Max Pro and E-Max Pro BT headsets offer great noise reduction and high-quality stereo sound for a more comfortable and safe shooting experience. Pick up $150 of steel targets for your backyard range and get one pair each of the E-Max Pro and E-Max Pro BT headsets from Caldwell.

12 Days of OutdoorHub Christmas Day 3! Eye and Ear Protection
12 Days of OutdoorHub Christmas Day 3! Eye and Ear Protection
  • Available in Several Colors
  • Available in Youth Sizes
  • Both sets run on 3 included AAA batteries
  • Push-Button Controls
  • Low-Profile Design
  • 4-hour auto-shutoff

$50 Off Of Beretta Clash Eyeglasses for Shooters

Protect your eyes from debris and the sun while at the range with the Beretta® Clash Eyeglasses for Shooters. Soft ear tips offer improved comfort, while a comfortable, rubberized nose piece keeps the glasses securely in place, even when you sweat. Plus, tinted lenses shield your eyes from distracting glare from the sun for optimal clarity and comfort. Right now you can pick up a pair for less than $100 with this $50 off clearance sale.

12 Days of OutdoorHub Christmas Day 3! Eye and Ear Protection

  • Soft earpieces
  • Rubberized, non-slip nose piece
  • Tinted lenses
  • Wrap-around design for optimal safety


If you’re a hunter or competition shooter then over-the-ear earmuffs can be a bit cumbersome when you’re wearing them for hours on end and trying to line up a shot with a rifle. Earbuds are a great way to get around that issue and the Otto Engineering Noizebarrier micro earplugs do that while still giving you 40 dB of impulse noise protection on top of an additional 15dB of adaptive noise attenuation using its onboard electronics. In essence, this makes most gunshots much less damaging to your hearing.

  • Hearing enhancement-mode – amplifies soft sounds up to 5X
  • Natural hearing for safe sounds
  • Accu-Technology® high-definition sound quality
  • One-button touchpad, 2-mode operation
  • Earpiece and case IP67 water-resistant

Oakley SI Ballistic M-Frame 3.0 Sunglasses

Oakley’s SI Ballistic eyewear is highly sought after for its durability and MIL PRF-31013, Clause .5.1.1 impact standards. In fact, the eyewear claims to exceed this impact safety rating and can even be swapped out with other lenses depending on your shooting situation. The SI Ballistic lenses are also coated with a quality anti-fog coating which gives you clear and unobstructed viewing. Be sure to pick a pair up before they go out of stock again.

12 Days of OutdoorHub Christmas Day 3! Eye and Ear Protection

  • Thin stem frame technology enables compatibility with over-ear hearing protection and communication systems
  • Impact and chemical resistant O Matter frame material
  • All lenses feature an advanced anti-fog coating
  • All optional lenses are made of Plutonite, Oakley’s high purity optical-grade polycarbonate
  • NewARGO lens cut increased peripheral coverage

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