This Little Stove is Awesome – Ultralight and Ultrafast – Soto Windmaster Stove Review

Luke is back with an Agenda Free Review and this time his focus is the Soto Windmaster Stove!

Ultralight, Ultrafast and….

Find out more in this review.

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Japanese Quality – Soto Windmaster Stove Review

Agenda Free Review :

Price : $65

Weight with 4flex supports : 3oz

BTUS : 11000

Burn Time : Approx 1.5 hours with an 250g gas canister

Versions :
This is the 4flex version which is in reference to the 4 way pot supports.

There is also a TriFlex version which has 3 pot support legs for smaller cookware

Dimensions : 3.5” Tall, 5.7” wide

Features :
Designed for wind resistance; concave burner head sits close to your pot or cup

Review Pros :
Top notch quality materials
Excellent design
Very lightweight
Small form factor
11000 BTU’s provides incredible performance at my elevation of 6000ft
Easy to adjust – can quick boil or slow cook
Windscreen works well in moderate windy conditions
Very stable stove and pot supports
Good resistance on the adjuster; not too loose, not to tight. Doesn’t feel flimsy.
Excellent regulator which supports a consistent burn throughout the fuel level of the canister.
TriFlex port support can be purchased separately

Review Cons :

Pricey little stove – quality costs money
Igniter doesn’t always work; there has been times where I have had to click 3-4 times before it would catch.

In windy conditions a windscreen would be recommended for efficiency and minimize burn times.

I wish the pot support legs were just a bit more rigid; personal preference.

Unknowns : How well does this stove perform in cold conditions?
I will test that out and will update as needed when it gets cold but I’ve had no issues with running this stove at 40F.

Summary :

First, a thank you goes out to my friend who sent this stove for me to review; I appreciate it brother!

If you have something in mind for me to review, send it on over and we’ll see what happens; I can’t promise to review everything naturally but I’ll do my best.

Soto continues to impress me with their quality, performance and smartly designed products. While not the cheapest canister stove on the market it is at the top of my preferences and I can easily recommend it.

When compared to other high performance stoves, the pocket rocket 2 comes to mind; both are excellent stoves with the Pocket Rocket sounding line a rocket is literally taking off and the Windmaster being substantially quieter.

In the future if you like, I’ll do a VS episode for the two stoves

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