Inexpensive British Military Fire Dragon Solid Fuel Stove – Real World Review

This is the British Military Fire Dragon Stove which is a NATO / Military approved product from across the pond that utilizes Solid Fuels.

In this Agenda Free Review, Luke goes over the Pros, the Cons and why this may be the right stove for you.
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British Military Solid Fuel Stove Fuel Cooker

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Cost : $8 at the time of filming and that is only for the stove – no fuel – in the UK, these are even less expensive with common pricing being around 2 euros

Weight without fuel cubes : 3.8oz

Weight with 5 .5oz (14g) fuel cubes : 6.4oz

Dimensions: 3″ X 1″ X 4.5″

Features : Retractable side walls and removable windshield. Integrated fuel receiver channels heat from fuel to mess tin, cup or pot. Can store fuel blocks within closed cooker.


Made by BCB International, the FireDragon Stove is a British military product; even though the name of the product is the BCB FireDragon Multi-Fuel Cooker it doesn’t come with any fuel even though the packaging states FireDragon which is weird.

Fuel : Can be used with any type of solid fuel including Hexamine and Trioxane and some liquid fuels.

Use : With 14g/.5oz Hexamine tablets; each tablet burns approximately 12 minutes and one tablet boils 500 ml (2 cups) of water in about 8 minutes – Results will vary greatly with such a fuel and stove

Benefits of Hexamine :

✔ Clean – very little soot

✔ Renewable

✔ Burns even when wet

✔ Suitable for extreme conditions

✔ Easy to light

✔ Lightweight

✔ Cost Efficient

✔ Low luminosity

✔ Easy storage

FireDragon Fuel : This company has their own fuel which you can purchase separately which is like hexamine but is reportedly nontoxic and is alcohol based. I haven’t tried the fuel myself but I will get some in to test out and to compare.

Hexamine Fuel Cost : 40 tablets cost around $30 – burn up 1300F degrees

About the BCB Company :

Since its creation in 1854, BCB International has been developing pioneering innovations that have helped generations of armed forces personnel, seafarers, aid workers and adventurers operate and survive in some of the world’s harshest environments.

Review Pros :

Very simple designed

Good quality

Light weight

Hold multiple fuel Tablets

Features a windscreen



Easy & Quick To Use

Retractable Side Walls which allow for multiple angles of use which allows for many sizes of cup or pot to be used

Fuel Channels allow for multiple tablets to be used at once; 1 – 3 at a time for faster use and for larger pots and longer cooking events.

Can be used with multiple fuel types and fuel sizes; hexamine can be found in multiple sizes.

Hexamine is excellent for high altitudes and sub-zero temperatures

Review Cons :

With the BCB FireDragon stove, it doesn’t actually include any FireDragon Fuel

There isn’t much to complain about; it’s inexpensive, fuel is inexpensive and it doesn’t weigh much.

Is a stove actually needed?

There are lighter weight solid fuel stoves but they aren’t expandable for larger pots and cooksets.

Summary :

These little stoves are great for those who want to go out on adventures with a lightweight, small form factor stove and fuel solution. Inexpensive, simple to use, compact and fuel is easily available.

If you are looking for an alternative to this brand, one that comes with some fuel, Esbit has a version which is very similar;

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It is very similar in size, weight and design. Cost is around $13

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