Oztent RV Mesh Floor Savers

If you want to protect and prolong the life of your RV tent and also make the most of the area under your tent’s awning then the RV Floor Savers from Oztent are an excellent addition to your set up.

Constructed from polyester mesh, this floor saver will help keep dirt, leaves and bark out of your tent, and acts as a barrier to prevent damage from any sharp objects on the ground. And the fact that it extends to the ground under your awning, means it’ll add to your storage and living space.

In this video, our gear expert Ben gives you the full lowdown on the Oztent RV floor savers including how to figure out the correct orientation, where the eyelets are, setting up your tent on top of it, whether you have to use the same eyelets on the floor saver as you do with the tent – plus more, so check it out above.

For more details on the range of RV Floor Savers from Oztent, head over to Snowys:

0:00 – Intro
0:09 – Materials
0:32 – In use with each tent
1:09 – Packed dimensions & weight
1:25 – Setting up with the RV5 tent
2:37 – Pegging down and eyelets
3:08 – Setting up with the awning

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