Catch, Cook, Eat! BLUE CRABS!! How To Catch & Eat Crabs!

I take you guys with me to catch some Blue Claw Crabs for dinner! There is nothing better than catching and eating some fresh crabs! I show you how I catch, clean, cook, and eat blue crabs!

Again, I want to thank each and every one of you for the support! We just passed 7,700! I’m having so much fun making these videos, lets keep this rolling!

►Instagram: FirstStateFishing

The chicken necks that we used for bait were about $0.79/pound.

**Disclaimer: We did keep a few sook (mature non-pregnant female crabs). Keeping them is completely legal, however, we usually tend to throw them back.

►Film/Edit Equipment:
-GoPro Hero 4 Silver
-Canon Elph 110 HS
-Final Cut Pro X

PS: If you haven’t tried crabs and spaghetti, you haven’t lived

Tight lines.

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