Supa Peg Rope & Trace Springs

Check out the Supa Peg Trace Springs here:

Every camper who is a master at creating custom camp shelters from poles and tarpaulins needs a few of these in their camp kit.

Secured on the corner of a shelter, this guy rope features two lengths of 6mm cord with a loop in the middle for quick attachment over a pole spigot. The two lengths allow you to secure the shelter with two ground anchors on each corner for the ultimate in bad weather stability.

Each length features a Supa Peg Universal Rope Runner and a lightweight trace spring that allows the shelter to move a little with the wind as well as allow for any stretch or shrinking of fabric that occurs as it wets and dries out, the result is a taught shelter for as long as it is set up.

In this video, our gear guru Ben talks you through all the benefits of upgrading the guy ropes with trace springs on your tent. He starts off with the different kinds available, and then sets them up on a tent using a special trick for extra stability, plus more – so check it out above for all the details.

0:00 – Intro
0:29 – Different types
0:45 – When to use
1:30 – Attaching a double trace spring
2:14 – Extra stability trick
3:27 – Supa Peg tensioner
4:52 – Available parts

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