Epic Winter Adventure: Photographer Solo Camps in a Snowstorm


This 26-year-old photographer lives out of his Jeep Wrangler full-time. That means all the seasons — including winter. Check out his winter camping Jeep setup.

Imagine spending 3 days in a winter wonderland. Just you, nature, snow, the open road, your winter gear, and your car. (Well, not just any car.) So goes the recent adventure of Drew Zimms.

Winter camping is both complex and simple. It takes effort, planning. But at the root, it’s this: set up or build a shelter, build a fire, have a food source, enjoy the open outdoors.

This video is equal parts adventure and chill, sit-around-the-campfire vibes. (Also, Zimms’ coffee setup makes us very jealous.) If you’re looking for new ways to embrace winter, this one is worth a watch.

Runtime: 30 minutes

This video is sponsored by Backcountry.

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