The Best Firearm Safety Books for Kids



The Best Firearm Safety Books for Kids

We’ve been teaching our kids about gun safety since they were born, essentially. They’ve always been around guns, seen them, but we’ve always made sure to lead by example, as well as to be as open as possible about guns and how to be safe around them.

Because of everything we’ve done so far, they like to shoot, but they know guns are tools and not toys. They know what to do if they see a gun that isn’t theirs and they also know how to safely handle a gun.

Kids are curious by nature, especially about objects that they see all the time in movies, TV and video games. It’s normal to be curious. But if we can hone in on that curiosity and teach them how to properly handle a firearm, it’ll no longer be some mysterious item; it’ll become as normal as the toothbrush in their bathroom.

Please do keep your guns properly secured at all times. Even if your kids are familiar with guns, we should still keep gun security and safety at the top of our minds at all times.

While we’ve taught them so much, sometimes information is better received through a third party, such as a book. My kids learn so much from books and they’re a fantastic way to open up even further discussion.

Let’s take a look at the best books on gun safety for kids:

2. There’s Only One You!: A Gun Safety Book for Children


There's Only One You!: A Gun Safety Book for Children

This book mostly focuses on the idea of, what do you do when you see a gun?

If your child was playing at a friends house and they saw a gun laying on the table, would they know what to do?

This is an excellent book to demonstrate the importance of “stop, get away, and tell an adult”.

This also opens up discussion for the adults with the kids, which is an extremely important part of all of this.

Pros/Easy to read, well illustrated, great message


Bottom Line/Such an important lesson for the home or when out and about.

3. Prepper Pete’s Gun of a Son: A Gun Safety Book for Kids


Prepper Pete's Gun of a Son: A Gun Safety Book for Kids

This is a very detailed, well put together and thoughtful book. What I think I like most about it is that it’s kind of in a ‘school’ environment. They’re actually being taught about gun safety within the ‘school’ environment so that’s very encouraging for kids to see that.

It goes into great detail about gun safety and the gun safety rules. I think this is a book that kids can go back to over and over again to get a refresher of the gun safety rules and how to properly and safely handle guns.

Though a great message, I feel the ants kind of take away from the message a little bit. It’s a cute concept, but in this instance, I wish it had been drawings of people instead of ants. Maybe I’m just being a bit too serious about the concept; the ants are cute and the message is clear. Kids definitely enjoy this book and the message, but I do feel the ants deter just a bit and make it more ‘fictional’.

Pros/Detailed gun safety, read it again and again

Cons/Though educational, the ants could deter from message

Bottom Line/Great book to add to the collection

4. Safety On: An Introduction to the World of Firearms for Children


Safety On: An Introduction to the World of Firearms for Children

Yehuda Remer is a staple within the firearm community. He has several books out, a couple of them are directed towards kids. He has a passion for teaching and writing and it shows.

I love how he wants this to book to be just one of the many tools that parents use to teach their kids about firearm safety. This isn’t the end-all-be-all of teaching kids about guns, it’s just one of the many tools that we can utilize.

I love how this book is told from the child’s perspective, kids can connect with that.

Pros/Easy to read, teaches basic gun safety


Bottom Line/Great tool to teach kids about firearms

Gun safety books to add to your educational arsenal

Books can help open up and solidify ideas for kids and these are all solid examples of teaching kids the importance of firearm safety.

I would say all of these books are best for kids 10 and younger.

Which books will you add to your firearm education?

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