New Bullpup Version of the Air Venturi Avenger PCP Rifle



New Bullpup Version of the Air Venturi Avenger PCP Rifle

The Avenger rifle from Air Venturi is a popular PCP (Pre-Charged Pneumatic) airgun, and now Air Venturi has improved the design by making a compact bullpup version:

The original Avenger
The new bullpup Avenger

While the original rifle was 43 inches long, the new bullpup is 10 inches shorter — 33 inches in overall length. The Bullpup retains almost identical specifications as the original:

  • Power system: PCP
  • Action: Sidelever
  • Available calibers: .177, .22, .25
  • Max velocity: 1000 fps (.177), 930 fps (.22), 900 fps (.25)
  • Max power: 22 fpe (.177), 34 fpe (.22), 45 fpe (.25)
  • Magazine capacity: 10rd (.177 & .22), 8rd (.25)
  • Magazine type: rotary clip

The only anomaly in performance is that the full size rifle lists an FPS (Feet Per Second) rating of 1000 with 22 cal pellets, while the bullpup advertises 930 FPS with the same pellet. However, all other specifications remain the same. It’s unclear why this discrepancy exists, but it could be due to a different weight pellet or different testing conditions/results. Beyond this one difference, the rifles are essentially the same.

Hitting with a maximum of 45 FPE (Foot Pounds of Energy) with the larger .25 caliber pellets, the Avenger has plenty of power for squirrels and other small game. It falls just short of the 50 FPE needed to hunt coyote. For reference, Airgun Depot  has a great table on the FPE ratings required for hunting various types of popular game:

Game Minimum Acceptable caliber* Kill Zone** Minimum Energy
Small Birds .177+ .5″ 5 FPE
Medium Birds .177+ .75″ 7 FPE
Large Birds .22+ 1″ 11 FPE
Squirrel Sized Game .22+ 1″ 9 FPE
Rabbit Sized Game .22+ 1″ 9 FPE
Raccoon Sized Game .22+ (.25+ recommended) 1.5″ 25 FPE
Possum Sized Game .22+ (.25+ recommended) 1.5″ 25 FPE
Fox Sized Game .22+ (.30+ recommended) 1.5″ 35 FPE
Coyote Sized Game .30+ 2″ 50 FPE
Javilina Sized Game .357+ 2″ 90 FPE
Small Deer .357+ 2″ 100 FPE
Medium Deer .40+ 2.5″ 150 FPE
Larger Deer .45+ 2.5″ 200 FPE
Hog .45+ 2.5″ 200 FPE

*Minimum acceptable caliber is based on suggestions from the experts in the field and my personal experiences.  It’s critical that you check your local hunting regulations for their various requirements for taking game animals with airguns.
**Kill zone size is determined by either an effective head shot or shot to the vitals that should facilitate a clean, 1 shot kill. The kill zone size will vary based on the size of the game and these values are given as a very basic guideline.

~ From Airgun Depot “Basic airgun Hunting Guidelines Foot Pounds of Energy is far more important than feet per second.” 

If you’re looking for a compact, rechargeable tool to hunt squirrels, raccoons, and other small game, the Avenger bullpup will provide you with more than enough power to get the job done.

The bullpup features a combination 11mm dovetail and Weaver scope rail, as well as triple picatinny rails on the forend for a tripod, lights, or lasers:

It has both an adjustable integrated cheek comb and buttstock pad:

For a video tour of this new rifle, check out the clip below:

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