In this eco-camping and bikepacking tutorial episode of Epic Journey Living, we show you step by step how we do wild camping in Scotland UK, made especially for beginners. In this video we take you wild camping off the west coast of Scotland on the beautiful Isle of Coll. We start off bikepacking from Waverly station to Glasgow and then from Glasgow to Oban. We then headed off to our remote wild campsite where we set up our tent, show you camping cooking and go over fire making and bushcraft in this wild camping video.

In our first camping for beginners video, we give pointers on how to find a site to pitch your tent like flat ground, a bit of soil, a breeze to keep the bugs away and to steer clear of animal tracks and holes.

After we pitched up our tent, we go into detail about the things we have each packed in our bike bags. Chasey packed the food and Rishi packed all of the camping gear. We took with us our blow up mattress, sleeping bag, tent and a backpack of cloths. We like to travel light when we wild camp, so we brought in only the bare necessities and essentials. We also make mention to bring anything you may need for your own personal preferences regarding hygiene (cleansing wipes, toilet paper, toothbrush).

One of the good things about camping is that you get to explore the terrain by hiking or cycling. We do all of this while we are on this Western Hebridean Isle. We personally liked to explore the island by walking.
One of the perks of camping in Scotland is that there are no bugs with the breeze of the island.

Scotland is free for camping, but if a place says you have to take permission to camp there, then you’ll need to take permission. Our advice when you stay on the west coast of Scotland is that you bring many layers of clothing because the weather changes all the time. A common saying is that it’s not the bad weather; it’s how you’re dressed for the weather.

As we explore, we discover another hidden beach on the Island of Coll. This secret beach gave us wonderful views of the coast, the white sand and the sea.

We show you how we make our tea and cook our meals on our small cooker/gas can and the importance of being prepared to do your dishes! When you’re only packing the bare essentials, dishes are an every meal task that will need to be considered.

During our beach camping, Rishi had to collect wood from the beach to make our campfire since the island of Coll does not have many trees. We have another fire making tutorial video to learn more about the way Rishi uses many styles to make a fire.

Instead of a 5 star hotel, we get to sleep under 5 billion stars for free. This is why we wild camp. That’s why we always say the best things in life come for free!

We say goodnight from our tent and then have another beautiful day sipping on morning tea, exploring the magical jelly fish on the beach and having steaks for lunch. We top off the video with gorgeous views and sounds of the beach and an extra special uncut scene from our night time filming segment.

Travel Couple Vloggers Chasey and Rishi, an Indian and an American couple from Epic • Journey • Living take you along as they show you step by step how to wild camp in this Scotland UK camping tutorial ! #epicjourneyliving


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Travel Couple , Travel Vloggers Rishi and Chasey , an Indian and an American couple , are an interracial couple and an international couple with a long distance relationship. Epic • Journey • Living was created to share our adventures and also to encourage all people to be adventurous on their own Epic Journey. It has been our life experience that the BEST things in life come for FREE; choosing to be fully present to each moment so that we can live life to the fullest. We believe that each and every life is an Epic Journey… including yours!

Chasey was a Special Education teacher (now empty nester) with an insatiable desire to travel, experience, live and explore each moment. She’s constantly rubbernecking and completely in awe of the things she finds along the way.

Rishi was a dragged down employee working for others; dying to break away from society’s norms. Now, after becoming self-employed as a Tour Guide, he’s free and liberated; traveling and living an epic lifestyle.

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