Complete Winter Bushcraft/Camping Setup For Beginners With Tips & Advice

Hello everyone,
In this week’s video it’s all about budget bushcraft/camping gear that you can use throughout these colder months and to get you guys who are new to the scene out enjoying our great outdoors but still want to keep the costs down on kit.

In it I feature the gear I have tried and tested myself through previous winters so I know it works.
There are items on there that are luxury items which you don’t have to buy but having said that they are still cheap. Below is all the kit including links, prices and the total price for all the gear.

Thanks very much and please share this video as it really helps the channel out.

Time Stamps

0:00 – Intro
3:08 – Shelters
4:09 – Sleep System
9:37 – Cookware
14:50 – Bushcraft Tools
23:03 – Outro


Dutch Army Tent – £35 –

British Army Basha – £25 (Choose Grade A, cheaper) –

Sleep System:
Reflective Mat – £4.50 –

Sleeping Mat – £14.99 – But unfortunately they aren’t available. Here is a alternative –

Sleeping Bag – £27 – A better alternative to Tesco’s –

Pillow (Optional) – £3.25 –

Blanket -£??? – Second Hand Store

Butter Dish (Optional) – £9.99 –

Coffee/Milk Holders – £1.00 –

Spork – £6.69 –

Opinel Knife No6 – £8.08 –

Egg Holder (Optional) – £2 –

Kettle/Cook Pot – £6.47 –

Wood Stove – £5.55 –

Pocket Stove – £4.51 –

Bushcraft Tools:
Laplander Folding Saw – £23.95 – ( You might be able to find it cheaper but they seem to have sold out where I have checked)

Mora Knife – £6.00 –

Axe – £13.11 (A little more than I paid but this is better) –

Ferrocerium Rod – £9.99 –

Gloves – £5.99 –

First Aid Kit – You would have to decide on what is required for your Bushcraft/camp kit.

For all this gear minus the Bivi bag and touch it works out at £213.07 which I believe isn’t a bad pricecat all considering you can pay £80 for a budget tent on its own.
Please also bare in mind this is only for yourself, if you are wanting to take your child you would have to add to this gear listing.

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