[SHOT 2022] New Bikes From Rambo



[SHOT 2022] New Bikes From Rambo

When selecting from hunting/off-road oriented e-bikes, chances are Rambo is one of the brands you’ll consider.  At SHOT 2022, Rambo brought out three new models for people to take for a test-drive.

Rambo Megatron – The AWD E-Bike

Newest and first up is Rambo’s Dual Battery, Dual Motor Megatron.  Weighing in at 77lbs with batteries, having dual 1000w motors with 3000w peak power and coming in at $7900 MSRP, every about this bike is “Mega”.  Though it is a single gear bike with no derailleur to get tangled up on the brush, options for the user abound.  You can select to run the front motor, the rear motor, or both in conjunction.  You can also code-lock the bike’s control panel, preventing any unauthorized users from motoring away.  They can try to manually pedal away on a 77lb bike, but they probably won’t get far.

Rambo Megatron

Speaking of far, one can go pretty far with the dual 17AH batteries for a total of 34AH.  One battery slips into the frame whilst the other one attaches onto the frame.  All this power gives you up to 80 miles of range.  As an avid user of offroad e-bikes, I can tell you that range greatly depends on steepness and roughness of terrain, however.  Wearing Truetimber Viper Western camouflage, the Megatron is easy enough to hide once you get to where you’re going.

Rambo Megatron Display
Rambo Megatron controls

Rambo Krusader

Next up and with half the power of the Megatron is the Krusader.  Instead of dual 1000w motors and an 80 mile range, however, you get dual 500w motors and a 38 mile range.  The Crusader also has a single 14AH battery.  The weight is just a few pounds less than the Megatron at 74lbs, and the Crusader wears TrueTimber Viper Woodland Camo.  MSRP is $4999

Rambo Krusader
Single speed for the Megatron and the Krusader

Rambo Rebel

Though its been out for a little while, the Rebel is Rambo’s 1000W single motor 11-speed option.  Wearing TrueTimber Viper Urban Camo, the Rebel has GT air suspension and a 21AH battery for 48 miles of range.  The motor is a Bafang mid-drive with 1500W of peak power available.  It’s also a bit lighter than the Krusader or the Megatron, coming in at 69lbs with battery.

Rambo Rebel
11 Speeds for the Rambo Rebel

For more information, please visit Rambo Bikes.

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