[SHOT 2022] The New Grizzly Scooter and more from Bakcou Bikes



[SHOT 2022] The New Grizzly Scooter and more from Bakcou Bikes

Tear up the Trail with the Grizzly

New for 2022 from Bakcou (formerly Backcountry) Bikes is the Grizzly 1000 watt offroad e-scooter.  Despite all the power of the Bafang 1000 watt motor, the Grizzly is nearly silent in its operation because it has no chain.  It features a full suspension, front and rear mud fenders, and a new, wider platform that easily accommodates the largest of boot sizes and provides extra stability on rough terrain.  I had the opportunity to take the Grizzly out on a seriously fun, m technical and steep test track in the Nevada desert adjacent to the SHOT Industry day range, and it tore through the terrain like nothing.  The 21AH battery has quite a bit of power, but since its an all-throttle proposition, Bakcou recommends it be used for shorter range hunts.  The Grizzly has an MSRP of $3498 and will be available spring of 2022.

Bakcou grizzly and Storm Jäger

The Coming Storm

Moving on from the scooter, the most impressive bike I got to ride from BakCou was definitely the Storm Jäger.  The Storm Jäger uses a Bafang 1000W mid-drive motor connected with a Rohloff internal gear hub, which eliminates the need for a derailleur.  Not only does the 14-gear Rohloff have a gear range of 526%, the elimination of the derailleur prevents one’s chain from getting snagged on tall grass and sagebrush, something that happens quite often to me when I’m out biking in the backcountry.  The Storm Jäger can also use a 25AH lithium battery for up to 82 miles in range, and has a top speed of 35mph.  Nothing about this comes cheap or light, however:  The Storm Jäger weighs in at 72lbs (depending on battery) and has an MSRP of $7998-$8697, depending on options.

Bakcou Storm Jäger

For more information, please visit Bakcou Bikes.

Bakcou had a police bike setup complete with strobes and PA
Bakcou Bikes lineup

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